This year’s World Summit AI, happened on 11th to 12th of October 2023, and convened at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam, marking a significant experience for us, as we got the chance explore new fields in AI.

This occasion afforded us the opportunity to attend engaging talks of the World Health Organization, NASA, Amazon, IBM, as well as Microsoft, Google Deepmind and many more. The growing significance of AI across various facets of life was discussed and new ideas for our own projects were born. It was an exciting chance to get to know the different fields, where our technology could be used in future. The event provided our team with the unique possibility to get to know other companies, make new connections, as well as pitch our own ideas.

Altogether, the summit was a tremendously enriching experience and we left inspired with the latest innovations in the AI world. We can not wait to be back to the World Summit AI next year!

Here is the link to the World Summit AI 2024: