Algorithm Verification System

Formal Algorithm testing technology with guarantees

Planned release: Q4/2024 - until then only available for pilot customers and research projects

Our product offer is a software toolset used for verification of complex dynamical systems.

  1. Reachtube Analysis of any Algorithm (e.g. conventional controllers as well as AI controllers like MLP, RNNs,...) It verifies machine learning (ML)-based controllers, typically systems where software components control and are combined with mechanical and electronic parts.
  2. Stochastic as well as analytical approach dependant on systemarchitecture and testing budget (time and ressources)
  3. System-testing with or without AI-model submission possible. Your AI model does not need to be shared!
  4. The testing results can be used as gurantees for certification processes or safety approximations in industries.

It can be used as part of formal verification activities, one of the last steps of the machine learning lifecycle, to provide guarantees that the trained machine learning controller satisfies previously defined properties.

Different industries using ML controlled systems employ our technology to perform reachability analysis, through which they can assess the robustness of their system (to perturbations, failures and new conditions) and ensure it is safe and does not reach any unsafe or undesired state(s).

Control systems are essential across various industries. Our cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionize the fields of robotics and industrial automation.

Whether you operate in manufacturing or are a key provider of controller systems to these sectors, our tool is designed to meet your needs, especially if AI-based automation is in your current or future plans.

Our technology extends its applicability to safety-critical domains including medical devices (e.g., pacemakers or insulin pumps), as well as aerospace, automotive, and transportation systems.

We offer versatile deployment options tailored to your needs and preferences. We can integrate our tool via a secure on-premise deployment or through private cloud deployments. We will provide you with a seamless incorporation of our advanced algorithms into your existing software environment.

Reach out to us to initiate a discussion and determine the approach that best suits your requirements.

Currently, our offer is available for pilot customers or research project cooperations only. Please contact us via the form below to know more about our pricing options.

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