Project Profile

Title: Dual Carbon Management System for Smart Networked Vehicles 

Type: Research project, part of the Austria-Jiangsu R&D and Innovation Programme promoted by FFG (the Austrian Research Promotion Agency)

Collaborating Organizations: DatenVorsprung GmbH and Edge Intelligence Institute Nanjing Ltd 

Location: Jiangsu Province, China

Duration: 2 years, start in November 2023

Objective: Studying dual carbon management systems for intelligent Internet-connected vehicles. The project addresses the diversity, complexity, and heterogeneity of on-board sensors of intelligent connected vehicles, the weak arithmetic power of on-board gateways, and the high road traffic pollution and carbon emissions in the context of dual carbon demand.

Problem Description and Motivation

  • China’s intelligent networked vehicles lack a refined dual carbon management system, which cannot achieve full-cycle and personalized carbon emissions management.
  • There is an urgent need for a carbon emission prediction model using Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.
  • The goal of this project is to develop a dual carbon vehicle management platform, that aims to align with the dual carbon strategy for the intelligent networked vehicle industry.
  • The end objective is to improve carbon emissions control and ultimately contribute to environmental sustainability.

Innovation and Insights

Technical innovation

  • Overcome limitations in vehicle sensors
  • Address inconsistencies in multi-source data formats
  • Improve carbon emission management by developing a dual carbon management platform for intelligent Internet-connected vehicles


Model innovation

  • Overcome limitations of single-function automobile solutions
  • Address the lack of intelligent information management that allows for efficient and accurate carbon emission management
  • Develop robust prediction models for carbon emissions
  • Improve automobile energy-saving, reduce energy and environmental pressure

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